Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Don’t be an idiot. Nobody asks us questions frequently. In our mind, this is what they would ask, though, if they had finished their video games and cleaned up the basement.

Are the stories here factual?2019-03-12T16:24:48-04:00

God no.

What should I know about this website?2018-03-18T07:08:46-04:00

If you made it here, I’m sorry; your prospects don’t look very good.

Are you a “regular guy”?2018-03-18T07:08:56-04:00

I used to be, but lately it just happens when it happens.

How do you get ideas of things to write about?2018-03-18T07:09:07-04:00


Does any research go into your writing?2018-03-18T07:09:18-04:00


Was Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player ever?2018-03-18T07:09:28-04:00

There’s not even a close second.

What about Kobe?



He’s not small.

How about Bill Russell?

Deserves more credit.

Who are you, anyway?2019-03-16T17:52:52-04:00

Carus of course.

Can I submit an article to be posted here?2018-03-18T07:09:54-04:00

You betcha. But first you have to register. Then you’ll see a form you can use to submit in the main menu dropdown under “My Account”.

Can I link to your site or a specific article?2018-03-18T07:10:05-04:00

Uh, yeah. But only with appropriate credit and a link back to this site.

And we’d appreciate you letting us know.

Do you accept donations?2018-03-18T07:10:16-04:00

Of course. Contact us so we can figure out how to get most of your money.

Can I see what you look like?2018-03-18T07:10:31-04:00

Only if you’re my wife.